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We Help Injured Texans! Personal Injury Lawyer in Abilene, TXWhat Constitutes a personal injury? According to the American Bar Association, a personal injury case is a type of tort claim. All tort claims have two basic issues - Liability and Damages. The burden of proof is in the hands of the plaintiff. If you can prove your liability and damages, then the justice system should award you for your losses. 
There are many different ways a case of personal injury can occur. Car accidents may be one of the most abundant examples of personal injury but it is not limited to this one example. Work injuries, dangerous or defective products, and many other things can all become cases of personal injury. 
Abilene TX Personal Injury LawyersSince there are so many ways that a case can be made, it might be in your best interest to find a good attorney to help you prove your case. We can help you by setting up a free consultation to hear the details surrounding your potential case. If it is determine…

Has Your Child Been Hurt? Abilene Personal Injury Attorney

Has Your Child Been Hurt? Abilene Personal Injury AttorneyIt is always a tough situation for a parent when their child is hurt. Even if the injury was the child's fault, it can still be hard to watch your own family suffer through that pain. It may be hard to watch and frustrating when the accident happened due to another person's negligence or carelessness. Hospital bills and other medical expenses can pile up and quickly drain a parent's finances. Often times one of the parents must miss work to care for the child during the recovery process. If that happens to be a single parent, then the subsequent loss of income may be devastating to that parent's ability to provide for their child. 
Lawyers in Abilene TexasThe good news is that if you have found yourself in a situation similar to this one described above, you may have a beacon of hope. The Galbreath Law Firm will do their best to help you and it can start with an initial consultation to discuss the details of your…

Two Wrecks Involving Three 18-Wheelers and a Pickup Truck Injures at Least 3

Multiple Truck Wrecks Near Putnam - Truck Accident Lawyer in Abilene According to Big Country Homepage, At least 3 people were harmed in a couple of separate wrecks that happened along I-20. The wrecks occurred around 7:00 on Wednesday morning near Putnam. There was a wreck between two 18-wheelers and then another wreck between a pickup and a different semi truck happened shortly afterward.  one of the three people injured in the wreck was rushed to the hospital, however no details were given as to the extent of the injuries or if there were any fatalities. 
Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers Commercial trucks can cause major damage to health and property. 18-wheelers are some of the largest types of vehicles you will commonly encounter while driving. The size difference between an 18-wheeler and a typical passenger vehicle is so much that it is easy for the wreck between the two to yield catastrophic injures or fatalities. I can't speak to the condition of the drivers involved in…

Slip and Fall Lawyers - Personal Injury Lawyers Abilene Texas

Slip and Fall Lawyers - Personal Injury Lawyers Abilene TexasSlip and fall injuries can happen at practically any place of employment. All it takes is one careless placement of something in the walkway or a spill in an inconspicuous area. Next thing you know, you have chronic back pain and a broken wrist or tailbone. I understand that is an extreme case of what can happen in this hypothetical situation. However, all too often, someone falls because of another person's negligent, careless or just outright lazy behavior. 
Seeking TreatmentPeople may fall and feel like it's not a big deal. Maybe just some initial pain sets in and then you feel fine afterward. The problem with back pain and injuries is that the true extent of the injury may not manifest for quite some time. It could be weeks or even years later. Let's say you fell on the job and you felt fine after a few hours. You should first report the injury to the appropriate people. The reason you want to do this is so th…

Nursing Home Abuse - Personal Injury Lawyers in Abilene TX

Nursing Home Abuse - Personal Injury Lawyers in Abilene TX
For most people, the decision to place a family member is not an easy one to make. People sometimes find themselves in a situation where their loved one simply needs more attention and care than can be given. People have to work and may not be able to give the required amount of care that is needed for their parents or grandparents. This tough decision usually comes with a certain concern regarding the well being and safety of their loved one. We have all seen some sort of story about how bad people can be treated in nursing homes. This concern makes the decision to leave them in the care of strangers even harder to make. 
Nursing Home AbuseThere are several different types of abuse that can occur in a nursing home or home health care setting. All too often, we hear the stories of a person being abused by a caregiver at a home or at the victim's home. The abuse can be physical, mental or sexual in nature. Physical abuse happ…

Ammonia Leak Causes Emergency Response - Abilene Personal Injury Lawyer

Ammonia Leak Causes Emergency Response - Abilene Personal Injury LawyerAccording to KTXS - 12, 5 people were injured in an ammonia leak that happened at a Texas bakery. Emergency crews responded to a call about on Monday, July 24th. When the crews arrived, the leak had already been shut off, but several people had complained of being light headed or nauseous. It seems that an air compressor associated with heating and air conditioning was the cause of the leak. The building was evacuated and 5 of the workers were taken to the hospital, however, their condition is not known. 
Workplace Injuries Work can be a dangerous place, sometimes. Just take this story about the bakery, for example. One minute you are making some harmless bread, then the next, you are taking a trip to the hospital because of a poisonous gas. This just goes to show that no matter how innocent of safe the job you are doing is, the unexpected can always happen. There are some inherently dangerous jobs like police wor…

Have you been Injured? Personal Injury Attorney in Abilene, TX

Have you been Injured? Personal Injury Attorney in Abilene, TXWhat are the first steps to take after you have been injured in questionable circumstances? Sometimes people get hurt on the job or while driving and it may not be their fault, so who do you turn to when you need help figuring out what to do next? You may want to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer and discuss the details of your possible case. 
How Can an Attorney Help Me?Suppose you have lost a lot of work because of an injury you have sustained. Let's say that, hypothetically, you slipped in a convenience store because some ice had come out of the soda machine and melted on the floor. Let's also say that no one identified or cleaned up the mess and you stepped in the puddle on the freshly waxed and shiny floor and fell to the ground. That slip and fall accident could have lasting effects on your well being that led to a lengthy hospital stay. Now, you have been out of work during this time in the hospit…