Abilene Car Injury Lawyer

Abilene Car Accident Injury Lawyer

      Car accidents can be costly for a person or family. Losing work because of someone else's careless driving may create a wave of problems for the victims. If you need an Abilene personal injury lawyer, then you know where to turn. While these may be called accidents, that doesn't mean someone can't be held responsible for your damages to property and health. Loss of work can snowball into late bills and repossessions. Some people have been injured so badly that they find normal and routine things difficult. For instance, showering and cooking. 

      Don't let someone else's neglectful actions go unchecked. If you would like a free initial consultation, contact our firm at www.galbreathlawfirm.com. We may be able to get you a fair settlement and get you closer to the road to recovery. 


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