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Abilene Personal Injury Attorney, Slip And Falls

Abilene Personal Injury Lawyer
Slip and Fall accidents can happen anywhere and anyplace. They can happen while you are on the clock or while you are grocery shopping. From uneven sidewalks to unmarked spills in a convenience store, the ability to hurt yourself due to something our of your control is highly possible.  

What may seem insignificant can become a major problem. There may be some immediate pain when you fall or there could not be very much at all. Either way, there could be lasting damages to your body that you may not realize until too much time has passed. There is a statute of limitations that follows an injury and you could lose your window of opportunity to receive compensation for your injuries. This is why, if you are in the Abilene, Texas area, you may want to seek some medical attention even if you feel fine. These problems may manifest way later on in life when dealing with spinal injuries. 

If you have been injured, you may want to speak to an experienced personal i…

Abilene Wrongful Death Lawyer

Mother Kills Newborn Baby - Abilene Wrongful Death Lawyer The Abilene News-Reporter reported on May 11, 2017, that Amber Craker, a woman accused of killing her newborn child back in January of 2017 is scheduled to go to trial on June 12, 2017. She will be tried separately from her boyfriend, who is also accused of taking part in the murder. A grand jury indicted the couple on counts of first-degree felony murder and tampering with/fabricating physical evidence with intent to impair a human corpse, which is a second-degree felony. The autopsy of the infant’s corpse displayed three stab wounds around the neck area. It seems that the mother committed the murder, and the boyfriend helped her to try to dispose of the body by throwing the baby’s body into a trash can and helped to clean up the blood. To read more please click here: Crime Statistics Crime Facts at a Glance 201…

Personal Injury Lawyer in Abilene, Texas

Medical Malpractice Lawyer, Abilene TXMedical malpractice can disrupt an entire family's life. It may leave a person with a severe permanent handicap or it may even rob you of your loved one. If you feel like you have been injured by a negligent doctor, we can help fight for you! 
When a doctor injures a patient through negligence or carelessness, it may be considered a case of medical malpractice. Doctors aren't usually deliberately trying to harm their patients, however, this doesn't excuse poor conduct and lazy practice.  You better believe that the doctors will have their own team of lawyers to help try and stop any case made against them. Their insurance companies don't want to pay out any money in a lawsuit so they can keep their company as profitable as possible. Let us try our best to help you in your time of need. 
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Abilene Car Injury Lawyer

Abilene Car Accident Injury Lawyer

      Car accidents can be costly for a person or family. Losing work because of someone else's careless driving may create a wave of problems for the victims. If you need an Abilene personal injury lawyer, then you know where to turn. While these may be called accidents, that doesn't mean someone can't be held responsible for your damages to property and health. Loss of work can snowball into late bills and repossessions. Some people have been injured so badly that they find normal and routine things difficult. For instance, showering and cooking. 

      Don't let someone else's neglectful actions go unchecked. If you would like a free initial consultation, contact our firm at We may be able to get you a fair settlement and get you closer to the road to recovery. 

Car Accident Lawyer in Abilene, TX

Breckenridge Woman Killed in CrashA 63-year-old Breckenridge women died from injuries she sustained in a single car crash. The accident occurred on Sunday, April 24, 2017, at approximately 8:20 a.m. south of Breckenridge, Texas, on FM 576. The woman was driving southbound when her 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe “failed to negotiate a curve” on the farm to market road. The woman thus lost control of her vehicle and ran into the ditch. The woman attempted to compensate but then found herself in the opposite ditch which caused her vehicle to roll several times. The victim, unfortunately, was not wearing her seatbelt at the time of the accident. She died on the scene and her body was taken to Melton Funeral Home in Breckenridge. To learn more about this story click the link below:

Wrongful Death It is tragic that this woman lost her life in an auto accident. It is true that perhap…

Dangerous Products, Recalled Toys, Child Injury Lawyer, Abilene, Texas

Dangerous Products, Recalled Toys, Child Injury Lawyer, Abilene, TexasDouglas Company Inc. has issued a recall of almost 25,000 plush toys from their Douglas, the cuddle toy line. These cute stuffed animals seem to be quite kid friendly, however, they have the potential to cause injury or even death. This recall affects small children because the eyes can come loose and present a choking hazard, causing child injury. 

There have been two cases of the eyes coming loose or detaching, but there have been no injuries reported, so far. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends removing these toys from your children and returning them to the manufacturer for a replacement or refund. 

To view all the details of this potential child injury product, go to this website:

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