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A report by KTXS 12 stated that a 57 -year-old woman was killed on Thursday night in a single-vehicle rollover accident while traveling down HWY 277. While the woman was headed east on that road, police think she ran off the road and overcorrected. It was then that she rolled her vehicle over and the car landed upside down next to the fence line. Sadly, the woman was not wearing her seatbelt so she was ejected from the car. Emergency responders found her dead at the scene. 

Safety First

Seatbelts may be a debated topic as to how effective they are at saving lives.  However, there is one thing that is for certain in the fact that the State of Texas says you have to wear one while operating a motor vehicle. We won't ever know the answer to the question of her survival had she worn a seatbelt. 

Car Accident Injury

While this particular story only involves one vehicle, there are many wrecks every month that involve a careless driver injuring another person. We know that most people don't mean to harm another person in their car, but when a person gets drunk or otherwise impaired, it may take on a criminal aspect. Crimes like drunk driving can easily be avoided by some planning. This is why it can be even more emotionally devastating to the families of the victims. 

Abilene Car Accident Lawyer - Personal Injury Attorney

When a person gets hurt in a car wreck, they may not be able to work for a long time. This can really hurt a family financially. The person injured in the wreck may even be harmed to the point that they are permanently handicapped. Suddenly, normal daily activities that they once found so simple are much harder nd they may even need help. If you find yourself in a situation where an injury that another person inflicted on you has left you incapacitated, then visit We at Galbreath Law Firm in Abilene can help you figure out how to best move forward. 


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