Teen Killed in Road Crossing Accident - Abilene Wrongful Death Lawyer

Teen Killed in Road Crossing Accident - Abilene Wrongful Death Lawyer

According to Fox-4, an 18-year-old teen was struck by multiple cars while crossing an interstate highway. The teen, identified as Ryan Sherman, was with a group of friends running across the road when he lost one of his flip flops. Sadly, it was then that he was struck while trying to retrieve it. The drivers who hit the teen stopped to help, but the group of friends ran off and left the scene before police could question them. The investigation continues as police look for anyone who may have information on the freinds who left the victim behind. 

Wrongful Death

While this particular case may not be the fault of the drivers, there are several instances where pedestrians are killed by carelessness or drunkenness that happen every year. Whether intentional or not, almost any criminal activity that ends in the death of a person may be considered a case of wrongful death. The living family members may be able to file a suit on behalf of the decedent. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help you file for a case of wrongful death.

Wrongful Death Attorneys, Abilene, TX

We know that money won't bring back a lost loved one, but it may help to ease some of the financial strain that accompanies the loss. Hospital bills and costs that accompany burials. In a time of loss, thinking about how to cover these things may affect your well-being and ability to perform everyday functions. We may be able to help keep creditors from harassing you while the case is being sorted out. If you have lost a loved one in questionable circumstances, you may want to contact our firm and set up a free preliminary consultation. Let us help you try to bring some peace back to your life. 


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