Driver Identified in Hit-and-Run Death - Abilene Personal Injury Lawyer

Driver Identified in Hit-and-Run Death - Abilene Personal Injury Lawyer

According to a report written on KTXS - 12, The driver who hit 55-year-old Robbin Caldwell of Abilene, TX has been identified. Police are withholding the name of the suspect as they investigate the accident that left the woman dead. The accident took place close to the Whistle Stop RV Resort in between Westlake Road and North Judge Ely Blvd. Police do not suspect that alcohol was involved in the incident, however, the person still did not stop to render aid or call 911. 

Sad Story

Sadly there are many stories like this that happen across the country. When the story is in your own backyard, it can make you think about what you might do in a similar situation. How would you deal with the loss? The underlying anger and sorrow with the situation may cloud your judgment. This is where a professional attorney may help out. They may be able to help with the legal aspect of the loss while you can focus on coming to terms with the feelings you may be experiencing. 

Wrongful Death

It's always a terrible thing to lose family members. It can be especially bad if they were taken through criminal or other unforeseen ways. Sometimes, the decedent earns an income for the family that leaves them wondering what they can do. Losing this type of income can lead to added stress in an already stressful situation. We know that money isn't going to replace a lost family member, however, it may help to ease some of the stress that coincides with the loss of a loved one. 

Personal Injury Attorney in Abilene, TX

At Galbreath Law Firm, we want to help out injured or suffering Texans. There are so many times in our lives that we are lucky a person's negligent or carelessness hasn't totally disrupted our lives. Sometimes, though, that luck can run dry. The good news is that you may not have to simply roll over and accept the loss without a fight. Contact us and let us hear your case at no charge to you. We don't take a cent until we bring a check to the table.


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