Have you been Injured? Personal Injury Attorney in Abilene, TX

Have you been Injured? Personal Injury Attorney in Abilene, TX

What are the first steps to take after you have been injured in questionable circumstances? Sometimes people get hurt on the job or while driving and it may not be their fault, so who do you turn to when you need help figuring out what to do next? You may want to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer and discuss the details of your possible case. 

How Can an Attorney Help Me?

Suppose you have lost a lot of work because of an injury you have sustained. Let's say that, hypothetically, you slipped in a convenience store because some ice had come out of the soda machine and melted on the floor. Let's also say that no one identified or cleaned up the mess and you stepped in the puddle on the freshly waxed and shiny floor and fell to the ground. That slip and fall accident could have lasting effects on your well being that led to a lengthy hospital stay. Now, you have been out of work during this time in the hospital and bills have piled up. 

An attorney may be able to gather the appropriate evidence to support your case. They also may be able to talk to creditors and other bill collectors to ease off on harassing you for payments that you don't have the money to cover. Most people are not well versed in the legal jargon that is involved in a personal injury case and so your attorney can also help you deal with any of the legal questions that may arise during the settlement process. 

Abilene Personal Injury Attorney

Have You been INJURED???
When a serious accident occurs, it is very important to hire an experienced Abilene personal injury lawyer to help you recover your damages.
Our team has years of experience and has handled personal injury cases of all kinds. The Galbreath Law Firm brings our proven experience to every claim we take no matter how big or small the case may be. If you have any questions or concerns regarding an injury, then contact us at www.galbreathlawfirm.com.


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