Abilene, TX Personal Injury Lawyer, Work Related Injury

Abilene, TX Personal Injury Lawyer, Work Related Injury

According to KTXS a robbery occurred at the 7-11 at the corner of Buffalo Gap and Chimney Rock Roads. The report states that three men walked into the convenience store around 3:30 a.m. and one of them had a large knife. That man used the knife to threaten the clerk. There was a scuffle, however, and the clerk was injured in the conflict. Afterward, the clerk was treated by paramedics and the suspects got away with the money. 

Work Related Injuries

Not all work injuries involve the police and robberies. Some injuries happen at work and are hidden by the employees for fear of losing their job. Some businesses may operate using fear to keep workers from reporting an injury by making them feel like it is their fault. In reality, the fault could be the employer's because there may be some OSHA standard that is not being upheld on the end of the employer. This doesn't mean all injuries at work are the fault of the employer. However, this may be one of the manifold reasons that seeking the aid of an experienced personal injury attorney may be of some benefit. 

Personal Injury Attorney, Abilene, TX

If you have suffered a work injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Several factors may play a part in whether or not you have a case for legal action. As such, you may want to discuss your injuries with us at Galbreath Law Firm and tell us your side of the story. Our first consultation is always free. Losing money and missing work can strain a person's finances. If you have suffered from some other person's negligence, we may be able to help you in the right direction.  


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