Oilfield Injury Attorney, Abilene Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

Oilfield Injury Attorney, Abilene Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

People get hurt in the oilfields of Texas and the surrounding states all the time. It happens so often that you may ask yourself why something hasn't been done to make things safer for workers. There have actually been leaps and bounds forward in the safety and care of workers who are extracting oil and gas. So then the next question is: How is it, with the modern safety standards in place are there still a steady stream of deaths and injuries in the Texas Oilfields?

The Answer May Not be so Easy

There are many factors to consider. Long hours and hazardous conditions do not mix well. Fatigue can affect a person's ability to effectively work safely. Also, because of this fatigue that can set in, many people may turn to illegal drugs to give them the "boost" they need to help continue the strenuous pace. This can also affect a person's ability to safely work. All the factors can combine to create a deadly circumstance that can harm an innocent worker. 

People Before Profits

The Big Country, West Texas, and surrounding places may have some companies that think the profits of the company are worth more than the safety of the workers. This push for production at the cost of a safe work environment can lead to a deadly work situation. 

Big Country Personal Injury Lawyer

If you need help in dealing with an oilfield injury, then you will want to talk to Galbreath Law Firm in Abilene. He will fight for your compensation and he doesn't get paid unless he brings a check to the table. If you would like to contact the firm, visit www.galbreathlawfirm.com


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