Two Wrecks Involving Three 18-Wheelers and a Pickup Truck Injures at Least 3

Multiple Truck Wrecks Near Putnam - Truck Accident Lawyer in Abilene

According to Big Country Homepage, At least 3 people were harmed in a couple of separate wrecks that happened along I-20. The wrecks occurred around 7:00 on Wednesday morning near Putnam. There was a wreck between two 18-wheelers and then another wreck between a pickup and a different semi truck happened shortly afterward.  one of the three people injured in the wreck was rushed to the hospital, however no details were given as to the extent of the injuries or if there were any fatalities. 

Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers

Commercial trucks can cause major damage to health and property. 18-wheelers are some of the largest types of vehicles you will commonly encounter while driving. The size difference between an 18-wheeler and a typical passenger vehicle is so much that it is easy for the wreck between the two to yield catastrophic injures or fatalities. I can't speak to the condition of the drivers involved in this wreck, but some, if not the majority of truck drivers are employed by a freighting company. Because of this, the driver and the company may have different levels of liability. It may be in your best interest to seek the help of an experienced truck accident injury attorney. 

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If you have been injured by a truck, you may have a long and tough road of recovery ahead of you. Some people are lucky to be alive and yet, unlucky if they have received permanent injury. Walking, talking, or even eating may become a difficult task after receiving a catastrophic injury. There may also be a loss of income due to the injuries you have received and we would like to help you decide how you would like to move forward if you feel you have a case. Contact us at if you would like to discuss your potential case for free. 


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